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∎ Libro Gratis STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) - edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction eBooks @ .

STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) - edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction eBooks @ .

Download As PDF : STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) - edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction eBooks @ .

Download PDF STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) -  edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction  eBooks @ .

Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan ruled their school until a killer wanted to rule them. A year later and they're all back. Bryce is the local celebrity jock. Corrigan’s running a fraternity and Sheldon's hiding from all drama. However, she's quickly pulled back into their social world and accidents start happening. With the killer killed, who's trying to hurt Sheldon this time? Or maybe it's someone closer than she wants to admit?
Jaded Series
Still Jaded

STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) - edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction eBooks @ .

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Read STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) -  edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction  eBooks @ .

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STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) - edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction eBooks @ . Reviews

Well, I finally found a Tijan written book that I don't love! Don't get me wrong, Still Jaded is well written, the story is solid, the characters are still true to themselves. However, this is the book where it all falls apart. It's more than I could deal with. I read Tijan for the emotions that she triggers in me. Her books are my own personal form of therapy. They bring out painful emotions, we sort through them together, and then find our happily ever after. No matter what happens in book 3, I don't see any chance for this to work out for everyone. Someone is going to be left; and left in pain. I'm going to need to read the next book before I can move on from the mess this one created.
Sweet baby cheeses….

I love TIJAN! Man she writes some kick a** characters… They are a**holes but god do I love them.. Sheldon isn’t afraid to throw down when need be..
Bryce’s brooding is a major turn on..
Corrigan is just amazing.. so loyal.

I was Team Bryce in the first book.. after this book?
I fell for Corrigan!
I don’t know who I want now!!!

Bryce went all possessive caveman and tried to push Corrigan away and I don’t think I can deal with that… Ugh so confused..


This book… These characters… the suspense.. the twists… the storyline… the f'N ending…..I loved it!

I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible as I don’t give too much away.

Bryce moved to Spain to further his soccer career. Sheldon and Corrigan went with him.
Something happened there, not one talks about it… but it has made the trio rocky..

Not the solid unit they have always been…

With Corrigan and Sheldon going to the same University, they still see each other all the time. They are still close.. but you can see the cracks building..

Then Bryce comes home..
He wants Sheldon back….

But there are issues….
His PR “made” him date a Spanish superstar… how much was faked? How much was real?
Denton the movie star from book 1 comes back in the picture and throws his hand in the ring to win Sheldon from Bryce.

One of the most calculated manipulative bi**hes (besides Sheldon) has made it very clear she will stop at nothing to make Bryce her’s not Sheldons.

Sheldon’s only girl friend Grace turns her back on Sheldon.

Someone wants to hurt Sheldon again…

Her stalker is dead.. so who is it now?

Let me tell you… the ending?


Talk about a freaking cliffhanger…

Seriously I was gobsmacked!!
Worst thing??!

**Contains Spoilers** I normally don't but so much happens in the book that I have to! I personally love reading reviews that tell me what's happened so I can get an idea if I want to continue the series or not. Well, it's one you definitely want to continue!!! We are two years after the Marcus fiasco and Sheldon is in college along with Corrigan. Bryce is well...nowhere to found? Apparently they followed Bryce to Europe and things didn't quite work out. Corrigan and Sheldon really bonded while Bryce pretty much ignored Sheldon and that's when it all went down hill. Corrigan left because his mom got sick and 6 months after that, Sheldon left. Bryce really bombed for me because he caved to peer pressure and "dated" another girl while supposedly in love with Sheldon? I don't care what his excuses were, it just isn't right. Sheldon is so hurt in this whole book and she is trying to deny she loves Corrigan now too. We have a new stalker and one of her friends ends up dying in the end with Sheldon being suspect #1. That's where book 2 ends. So, we have Bryce and Corrigan making Sheldon choose between them and Sheldon arrested for the murder of her friend. Get it, consume it and read the finale, Jaden!
And she does it again!!! Every time I read another Tijan book, I am continually amazed and impressed! This book was no exception! Awesome continuation of Jaded!


Throughout the beginning of the book I was rooting for Bryce but after the 'other' girl, I wasn't a Bryce fan so much. I know I know......Sheldon was a b**** and developed feelings for Corrigan (or always had them) and slept with Denton in the first book but to me, Bryce messed up! Sleeping with another girl and then using her as an excuse for some head trip experiment with Sheldon was screwed up.

I wavered back in forth between wanting her to be with Corrigan after all Bryce's crap or just saving F-you to the both of them and turning the tables around on them by choosing neither and going with Denton. I know I definitely don't want to see her wuss out and pick Bryce so I'm hoping for the middle finger send off to both or picking Corrigan. I can't wait to find this out in the next book.

Now, the cliffhanging..........WOW!!!! I don't want to give to much away here, so I'll just say that it saddens me but leads up to a great third book.

Love the book! Can't wait for more to come so please don't make us wait too long, Tijan!!!!

Oh and love the new Caroline character!

Highly highly recommended!!!! Don't forget to read the first book!
So we pick up with a small time leap. But lots has happened in between that gets revealed through out the book. Filled with the drama Tijan is known for and it doesn't disappoint. A few minor typos and errors but not enough to mess with the book. I am looking forward to more cuz this ended with two big cliff hangers. I am dying to know who she loves and what the check happened to her friend/enemy. At this point I rely don't know who I am routing for. I am kinda passed at the boyfriend and best friend. IDK about the Hollywood boy toy. Keep it up
Ebook PDF STILL JADED (Jaded Series Book 2) -  edition by Tijan. Literature & Fiction  eBooks @ .

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